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UPS and FedEx

We are expert shipping consultants. Find out how much you can save on your carrier shipping costs.

For companies with large carrier shipping volume

Parcel Auditing

Get refunds for shipping issues and mistakes.

Contract Optimization

Re-negotiate your parcel contract with better terms.

Analysis & Reports

Consolidate and analyze your carrier data.

Save +30% on Shipping Costs from FedEx & UPS

Is your company paying too much for shipping? We know. We’ve worked for the carriers. We’ve built the agreements. Our clients often save more than 30% of their total spend which amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.
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100% Client Success Rate

Save on Shipping Costs or We Don’t Get Paid

Our services puts your shipping spend under the microscope to ensure that you pay only what you should pay…or we don’t get paid. That’s how confident we are in our services. Our work depends on you saving money from your existing shipping spend.

30+ Years Experience

We negotiated our contract by ourselves before finding ShipRx. When we had them take a look, they found an additional $100K in savings.

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