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3 Shipping Resolutions: How to save money in 2023

While gyms and diet companies would have you believe that fitness and health-related resolutions are the best way to ring in the new year, we’d like to propose another way. Instead of joining the 80% of resolution-makers who fail by February, make a business-related resolution that will save you so much money that you’ll keep it all year long! The team at ShipRx put together three shipping-related resolutions that will save you money and stress in 2023 and beyond.

Parcel audits

Did you know that UPS and FedEx offer service guarantees that give you money back when items sent through express and ground services aren’t delivered as promised? However, getting money back from the carriers isn’t automatic— you’ll need to track each package and request refunds. Of course, there are some exceptions, such as holiday blackouts, weather-related delays, and additional handling fees.

The team at ShipRx knows the rules (and the exceptions), and we’ve factored them all into our proprietary parcel audit software. Our software automatically checks over 40 factors on every shipment to ensure you get the refunds you deserve.

Make a resolution to get the refunds you’re owed, and get started with ShipRx parcel audits for free. You only pay when you start saving money, so you can be sure that we won’t leave any savings on the table!

Contract negotiations

FedEx, like UPS, is a solid, storied company and nobody should write them off. In the first few years after they acquired RPS to take on UPS head-to-head on the ground, there were similar complaints about the reliability of their standard (non-Economy) Ground and Home Delivery services; however, what was once marketed as a more cost effective alternative to UPS, has transformed into services which virtually matched UPS’ reliability until the volume spikes caused by the pandemic. Despite several bad headlines (and let’s not forget this one from last year), FedEx has a historical track record which should give them the benefit of the doubt with regards to “righting the ship” on their Economy offering.

Will 2023 be the year we say goodbye to Ground Economy? It’s unlikely. The carrier has a plan in place to cut costs and recoup revenue. They’re taking steps to make the best of a bad situation.

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Do you need help keeping up with the surcharges, holiday shipping deadlines, and rate increases from UPS and FedEx? Have you ever wondered about the steps TikTok and Amazon are taking to compete with the major carriers? If being more informed about the shipping industry is on your 2023 resolution list, bookmark the ShipRx blog. We regularly share innovations and setbacks in the shipping industry to help you understand how they may affect your business. For the team at ShipRx, shipping isn’t just a job— it’s our passion. We are committed to keeping you informed about the latest news so you can save money and make decisions backed by current data.

If you’re a current client, we want to thank you for trusting us with your parcel audits and contract negotiations in 2022, and we look forward to working together again in 2023. If you’re new here, we hope to hear from you soon! Happy New Year from the ShipRx team!

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