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Get Ready to Spend More for First Class Postage

Jun 18, 2024 · 3 minutes read

Have you heard about the upcoming price increases from the United States Postal Service (USPS)? On May 10, USPS filed with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) for Parcel Select price changes, which will take effect July 14, 2024.

In today's blog post, we'll discuss the upcoming price increases at USPS, how you can prepare, and what you can do to see money back in your pocket—even with impending price hikes.

What changes can I expect at USPS in July?

Beginning next month, USPS will raise the cost of a First-Class Mail Forever stamp from 68 to 73 cents. Additionally, the prices of First Class Letters, Postcards, and International Postcards and Letters will increase by approximately 7.8%.

But why the hike? USPS cites a changing mailing and shipping landscape. They argue that these adjustments are necessary to achieve financial stability, as outlined in their 10-year Delivering for America plan, saying, "these proposed changes will support the Postal Service in creating a revitalized organization capable of achieving our public service mission – providing a nationwide, integrated network for the delivery of mail and packages at least six days a week... just as the U.S. Congress has intended."

There are no planned increases for USPS Ground Advantage, Priority Mail, or Priority Mail Express services at the moment.

So, what can you do?

With a little creativity and forethought, it's possible to reduce your USPS spending with these tips:

●       Stock up on Forever Stamps: These stamps retain their first-class postage value even if prices go up in the future. If you mail frequently, consider buying a booklet or roll before July 14.

●       Embrace online options: Save on postage costs (and protect the environment) with digital communication wherever possible.

●       Weigh and measure precisely: Excess weight or odd dimensions can push your package into a higher postage category. Utilize a postage scale and measuring tape to ensure you're paying the correct price.

These tips can help you save with USPS, but what about when you're shipping with FedEx and UPS?

Recover refunds with parcel audits

FedEx and UPS aren't infallible. On top of late deliveries, carriers can make errors in your billing, including incorrect weight calculations, misapplied discounts, or even duplicate charges. Parcel audits involve meticulously reviewing your shipping invoices to identify these discrepancies and recover significant sums.

The good news? Even with rising USPS prices, parcel audits for FedEx and UPS can still be highly beneficial. By ensuring you're not overpaying private carriers, you can free up valuable resources for your mailing needs.

Ready to see if a parcel audit can put money back in your pocket? The experts at ShipRx use our proprietary parcel audit software to automatically check more than 40 factors on every package you send. It's free to get started and takes less than 5 minutes— no credit card necessary.

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Brittany ShipRx Contributer