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Blog / fdx: first-of-its-kind commerce platform or following Amazon’s footsteps?
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fdx: first-of-its-kind commerce platform or following Amazon's footsteps?

On January 14, at the National Retail Federation’s Big Show, FedEx announced a fall rollout of fdx, a data-driven commerce platform designed to connect the entire customer journey.

FedEx President and CEO Raj Subramaniam introduced fdx, saying the carrier will use the platform to “enhance our longstanding relationships with merchants of all sizes to help them optimize and grow their businesses through digital intelligence.”

Find out what fdx is, how it compares to Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), and what you need to do to make the most of this new platform.

What is fdx?

While FedEx currently offers many digital logistics capabilities to its clients, the services are piecemeal— requiring access to different platforms to take full advantage of the carrier’s services.

Fdx changes all that. The FedEx article announcing the platform says, “By providing data and insights that improve visibility and connected capabilities across the customer journey, fdx will help merchants make more strategic logistics decisions from point of demand to delivery and returns.”

By collating all logistics services into one digital platform, fdx makes it easier for sellers to increase conversions, provide excellent customer service from purchase to return, and customize the purchase experience. Fdx offers a more streamlined experience for all involved in the shipping process.

Are there other logistics companies offering similar platforms?

Although merchants have had access to Fulfilled by Amazon for years, in 2022, the tech giant extended its shipping and logistics infrastructure to allow third-party FBA clients to post Prime products on their own websites.

In 2023, Amazon expanded its footprint once more, allowing all US-based Amazon merchants the opportunity to use this feature. By the end of last year, Amazon also offered merchants the ability to use Buy with Prime to provide easy returns and customer support.

While FedEx touts fdx as the “first-of-its-kind data-driven commerce platform,” Amazon merchants may notice similarities designed to enhance the seller and buyer experience— without the constraints of selling on Amazon.

What does this mean for existing FedEx customers and those wanting to switch to FedEx?

Fdx is currently only available as a private preview upon request, with the full rollout planned for fall 2024. For now, it’s business as usual. The FedEx website reminds current customers that they can:

  • Connect with high-value customers through the ShopRunner® member network
  • Share estimated delivery dates and time window updates — even before a customer makes a purchase
  • Use FedEx Surround® to see shipments in near real-time
  • Make sustainable supply chain decisions with access to FedEx® Sustainability Insights
  • Streamline, configure, and manage returns in one platform

This fall, fdx will streamline those offerings along with the ability to optimize order fulfillment and create a custom post-purchase experience to match brand standards and reduce manual labor with order tracking and returns.

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