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Reporting and Expert Consultation

Combine our cloud based DATARX platform with insight from industry veterans to uncover hidden savings.

Stop Overpaying Your Carrier

Bring our team of expert negotiators in on your behalf to save as much as 30% on your parcel costs.

Consolidated Oversight

Gain oversight of your entire parcel strategy by viewing all of your carrier data in one place. Consolidate UPS, FedEx, USPS and regional carriers all within one reporting platform.

Powerful Reporting

Whether you are looking to cut costs or strategize for the future, our cloud based DATARX platform arms your decision makers with over 40 custom-built reports to give them the data they need.

Accounting & Finance Tools

DATARX GL Coding tools handle the heavy lifting of cost center allocation, allowing your team to spend less time compiling data and more time putting it to use.

How We Do It

Keep Your Shipping Costs Under Control

Our cloud-based DATARX software automatically checks over 40 factors each week, ensuring you don't leave any refunds on the table.

Fast Setup, No Upfront Fee, Cancel Anytime

No credit card required, no upfront fees. We only charge a percentage of the refunds we recover and you can cancel anytime.

Put Your Recovery on Autopilot

5 minute setup. We upload your invoices and handle the entire refund process. Leaving you to focus on your real job.

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"We love working with ShipRx. The refunds are great but their DATARX platform puts all of our carrier invoices in one place and makes reporting much easier."


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