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UPS Contract Negotiation

Stop Overpaying UPS for Shipping Costs

UPS is the world's largest package delivery company and if your company does a lot of shipping, a negotiated contract is smart business. The team at ShipRx are experts in negotiating, structuring and continually evaluating your contract to lower your shipping cost 20-30% more.

Negotiate Better
UPS Shipping Rates

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  • 30+ Years of Experience
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We've Negotiated Thousands of Contracts

Our team of experts have over 30 years of industry experience, including having worked at UPS. We have the knowledge, expertise and tools to pinpoint wasted expense areas so we can guide your business better contracts and more savings.

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Get the Best UPS Contract Terms

Your ShipRx experts analyze your shipping operations and combine it with benchmark data, to effectively get you the contract terms that fit best with your business.

100% Success Rate for Client Savings

UPS Contract Optimization

You can actively renegotiate your shipping fees.

Level The Playing Field

Our team has spent over 30 years negotiating parcel contracts on both sides of the table. We know what your rates should be and we know how to get them.

Gain Peace of Mind

Our cloud based DATARX software automatically checks over 40 factors each week, ensuring you don't leave any refunds on the table.

No More Guesswork

We combine benchmarking data with detailed analysis of your shipping operations to determine the lowest possible rates you should be paying.

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