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FedEx Celebrates 24th Year on Fortune's Most Admired

Feb 27, 2024 · 3 minutes read

In this blog post, we'll dig a little deeper into how FedEx's overall strategy and technological innovations earned admiration from the executives, directors, and analysts who participated in the survey. Then, we'll discuss how you can ship with the most-admired company without paying a premium for the carrier's reputation.

Moving forward is the only way

The way it's always been done may work for some companies, but not for FedEx. The carrier is continually watching what more successful businesses are doing and adapting their strategies for the shipping industry.

The World's Most Admired Companies report listed Amazon among the top three businesses for the past eight years. Its Fulfilled by Amazon program makes shipping and logistics easier for Amazon sellers. This year, FedEx introduced fdx, a data-driven e-commerce platform to help shippers make more strategic decisions and streamline shipments and returns.

Asking for customers' opinions... and actually making changes

During the 2023 holiday season, FedEx conducted a survey on the consumer journey through a shopping experience. The results showed that customers are:
  • Twice as likely to return an item to the store where they purchased it than ship it from their home or return it to another store
  • Concerned about sustainability
  • Familiar with no-label/no-box shipping and consider it more convenient, straightforward, easier, and less stressful than other return options
As a result, Ryan P. Kelly, vice president of commercialization at FedEx, says, "we're leveraging our experience and these insights to adapt to the ways in which customers define convenience in 2024."

Because there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all shipping, "FedEx offers an extensive portfolio of returns transportation, label creation options, and technology to provide a frictionless experience for both retailers and consumers."

FedEx asked for feedback and took strides to make things easier for customers.

Ship with the most admired, without paying the most

FedEx may find itself in the company of the world's best brands, but that doesn't mean you should pay top dollar for shipping.

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