Shipping is Our Passion

Our team has created millions in hard-dollar savings and value to our clients through our insight and expertise. But don’t take our word for it. Let us prove it. We have the technology to pinpoint areas of wasted expense and the know-how to help you fix them. ShipRx prescribes treatments for the high cost of freight by leveling the playing field between carrier & shipper, securing best-in-class discounts, and identifying inefficiencies through our data analysis.

We’re ready to do the same for your company. Put us to work.

How ShipRx Helps

Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN with a west coast office in Fullerton, CA, ShipRx provides freight cost reduction services for shippers of all sizes and industries. Our DNA may have its roots in small package, but we have solutions for all shipping modes including  ocean and TL/LTL.

ShipRx Founders

James Matthews

With over 30 years of parcel and freight experience including a decade as a logistics consultant, James founded ShipRx with his business partners to level the playing field during negotiations between shippers and the carriers. Acting as equal parts financial analyst, coach, and ghost writer, he has helped companies reduce their invoices by tens of millions of dollars. Prior to founding ShipRx, James enjoyed a successful 21-year career at UPS serving in a variety of capacities including Finance, Sales, Business Planning, and Marketing functions. The culmination of which was a 5-year assignment as the Sr. Pricing Analyst in UPS’s largest district by revenue.

Todd Wallin

Over 30 years in business, I have started and managed several businesses specializing in customer satisfaction. Now, as a partner at ShipRx, my goal is to offer a service that is truly beneficial. I was drawn to this industry due to the simple reason that there are many companies in need of a better understanding of shipping details and ShipRx can help with our deep understanding and expertise in this field.

Mike Hooghkirk

I got my first job at twelve years old when I started a lawn mowing business. I used my dad’s lawnmower, built a customer base near my home and got to keep all the profits. This experience gave me an appreciation for hard work and the rewards that come with it. Over 26 years in business, I have applied these same principles. I have worked as an account manager at a Fortune 500 company, owned a real estate business and have been a partner in an advertising agency. As a partner at ShipRx, my goal is to help clients stay as profitable as possible by lowering their overall shipping spend. Companies work hard for their money and shouldn’t have to give it all to UPS and FedEx just to get their products in the hands of their customers.

Cost Saving Services

Your carriers do a great job, but they’re by no means perfect.

In fact, up to 5% of each and every invoice contains overcharges and mistakes.

Your clients would never tolerate inaccuracies on your invoices or if you failed to complete a project on time. And you shouldn’t tolerate that from your small package carrier.

Our best in class audit service puts your parcel invoices under the microscope to ensure that you pay only what you should pay.

…or we don’t get paid. 

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