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Drone Delivery: Are We Getting Close to a Jetsons-esque Future?

Will 2023 bring us one step closer to a Jetsons-esque future and deliveries by air? Or will regulations send us back to deliveries by truck only?

Last year, we told you about all kinds of innovations in the shipping industry— from ice cream deliveries by drone to cargo drones. However, delivery by drone is still relatively rare, with only about 2,000 such deliveries happening daily. This statistic is primarily due to strict Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guidelines that limit who can ship via drone.

Today, we’ll look at what to watch for in 2023 concerning legislation that may make drone deliveries more common.

Who is responsible for the laws regarding drone deliveries?

The FAA is a government agency that operates under the US Department of Transportation. The agency is responsible for creating legislation that details the safe and legal use of personal and commercial drones. As of its last update in June 2022, the FAA website states, “Part 135 certification is the only path for small drones to carry the property of another for compensation beyond visual line of sight.” The site details the successful delivery of medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, food, and Amazon products. Until now, only a small number of companies have gone through the five-step Part 135 certification process to become eligible for the exemptions.

Will the FAA open the package delivery by drone program to additional applicants?

Earlier this month at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, a panel of aviation experts, including FAA’s Deputy Executive Director, Walmart’s Director of Federal Government Affairs, Zipline’s Director of Global Aviation Policy, and the CEO of Drone Express, came together for a session titled, Drones: So Why Don’t We Have Widespread Drone Delivery Today?

FAA representative Abigail Smith reiterated that safety was the “north star” of all decision-making, highlighting the potential for drones to make the world a safer place.

What does this mean for you?

Nearly one year ago, an FAA committee published a report recommending changes to the existing regulations. Smith’s remarks at CES lead many to believe that changes are on the horizon. For now, delivery by drone is still rare, but by the end of the year, we may see more packages whizzing toward waiting consumers above our heads.

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