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The Proven ShipRx Process



 Our proprietary software automatically identifies service failures and incorrect charges.



 Our team of experts handles any disputes with your carrier



Your refunds are credited directly to your UPS and FedEx invoice.

Keep Your Shipping Costs Under Control

Our cloud based DataRx software automatically checks over 40 factors each week, ensuring you don’t leave any refunds on the table.

Put Your Recovery on Autopilot

5 minute setup. We upload your invoices and handle the entire refund process. Leaving you to focus on your real job.

Fast Setup, No Upfront Fee, Cancel Anytime

No credit card required, no upfront fees. We only charge a percentage of the refunds we recover and you can cancel anytime.

Our team has created millions in hard-dollar savings and value to our clients through our insight and expertise. But don’t take our word for it. Let us prove it. We have the technology to pinpoint areas of wasted expense and the know-how to help you fix them. ShipRx prescribes treatments for the high cost of freight by leveling the playing field between carrier & shipper, securing best-in-class discounts, and identifying inefficiencies through our data analysis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Refunds are dependent on a variety of factors. In order to confirm your refund eligibility, our proprietary ShipRx parcel audit software considers service levels used (e.g. ground, air, etc.), package dimensions, and whether you’re shipping to commercial or residential locations. We’ve seen refunds range from 1 to 5%. Most commonly, we help companies just like yours recover refunds in the range of 2 – 3%.

ShipRx has developed proprietary small parcel audit software that checks for 40 different carrier mistakes. The automated program performs weekly checks for late deliveries, invalid surcharges, inaccurate rates, and packages manifested but not shipped to generate refunds on your behalf.

No. Our process is automated, and most of the time there is no human interaction necessary in the refund process. If our team needs to place a call, we guarantee professional, courteous service.

UPS and FedEx audits are an ongoing service, designed to help you achieve maximum refunds on every invoice. To secure refunds on late deliveries, both carriers require a refund request to be filed within 15 days of the expected delivery date. UPS allows refund requests for up to six months, while FedEx allows refunds only on unpaid invoices, so it is important to stay up to date on your small parcel audits.

We were already using another audit company when we were referred to ShipRx. Switching to their platform more than doubled our monthly recovery."

CEO, Commercial Printing