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How the Shipping Industry Is Incorporating Tech to Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency

Tech is infiltrating every aspect of our lives– from AI personal assistants to the very device you’re using to read this article. Businesses are investing in tech to streamline production, customer interactions, and the shipping process. What technology is shaping the shipping industry, and how you can utilize it to reach your goals?

Blockchain Technology

You may be familiar with blockchain technology as it relates to digital currency, but this process for distributing data has the potential to help your business digitize, manage, and track shipping transactions– no matter where they originate. Blockchain data is not owned by a single entity– rather, it’s managed by a cluster of computers that offer both unparalleled security and enhanced transparency. An investment in blockchain technology offers real-time tracking and increased efficiency.


From manufacturing to inventory to intelligent automation, robotics is propelling the shipping industry forward. DHL’s website states, “The first wave of automation using intelligent robotics has arrived in the logistics industry. Driven by rapid technological advancements and greater affordability, robotics solutions are entering the logistics workforce, supporting zero-defect processes and boosting productivity. Mobile or stationary, robots will adopt more roles in the supply chain, assisting workers with warehousing, transportation, and even last-mile delivery activities.”

DHL utilizes Autonomous Mobile Robots to increase productivity, assist with order picking, and perform property mapping tasks, while stationary robots sort orders, lift heavy palletized objects, and co-package. 

Robots are outperforming their human counterparts in some activities, and businesses are seeing a return on investment within four years. To achieve round-the-clock productivity, the role of robotics is only expected to increase in the shipping industry in the future. 

Wireless Sensors

Global Positioning Systems (GPS) allow you to track products or people while they’re en route to your location, but it’s often unreliable when used to track products indoors. In a large warehouse, Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS) or Indoor Location Tracking can pick up where GPS fails.  

Incorporating IPS tech into your distribution center strategy can increase efficiency and decrease labor costs on inventory management and tracking materials. Decrease the time spent searching for products in your warehouse with IPS technology that will give precise locations for your entire inventory.

Auditing Software

Looking for other ways to reduce your shipping costs. When it comes to counting your losses, sometimes the manpower it takes to follow up on each mistake costs more than the mistake itself. With ShipRx’s proprietary audit software, recovering refunds from FedEx and UPS is just one click away. Our software verifies 40 different factors to identify service failures and incorrect charges. 

If you’re not auditing your shipments, you’re leaving money on the table. Let ShipRx’s audit technology do the work for you. There’s no upfront cost– you only pay a percentage of the recovered funds, so there’s no risk involved.

The future of shipping is tech. Robotics, blockchain, wireless tracking, and software systems will lead to increased productivity, security, and precision. How will you invest in tech to increase your bottom line?


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