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Elevating Shipping to a Marketing Strategy

If you view shipping as the fulfillment of a transactional relationship, you’re missing out on an opportunity to solidify an ongoing relationship with your customer and maximize their experience with your brand. When you view shipping as a marketing strategy, fulfillment becomes an intentional way to win repeat customers and grow your business. Follow these top shipping tips to improve your customer experience.

Offer free or subsidized shipping charges

Did you know that 36% of online customers abandon their carts due to the cost of shipping? When you’re pricing your products, consider factoring shipping into the price. Through free or low shipping costs, you’re able to compete with the Amazons of the world and win more customers. 

Not sure where to start? Enlist the help of a logistics consultant who has the expertise to quantify areas where improvements can be made and can guide you through the carrier negotiation.

Make It A Memorable Experience

While free shipping may help you compete with Amazon, offering memorable, personalized shipping will help you surpass the generic, big-box shipping experience. Consider adding a handwritten thank you note, future discount code, or branded packaging to elevate your shipment from simple fulfillment to a fulfilling experience. 

Refine Packaging reports an 800% increase in searches for unboxing videos on YouTube over the past year, and interest isn’t declining anytime soon. On Instagram, there are over 2.1 million posts tagged #unboxing. Unique, branded packaging turns a simple task, like receiving a delivery, into a socially shareable experience. When you’re designing your packaging, consider the Insta-worthiness factor. A shared unboxing video introduces your brand to potential new customers and stretches your marketing budget with free promotions from customers who already love your brand.

Post-delivery follow-up

Do you include a post-delivery touch as a part of your sales funnel? Once your product has been delivered, reach out to request reviews and thank customers for their order. This free, automated encounter offers an opportunity for clients to increase your brand’s clout through social reviews if the experience has been a good one. 

Did you miss the mark on a delivery? Interaction with the customer enables you to rectify a wrong and gain a customer for life. Negative reviews are an opportunity for your brand to own your mistakes and make changes going forward. While no one looks forward to negative reviews, constructive criticism can lead to growth!

Shipping is an inevitable part of any business. With a few easy tweaks, you can turn this everyday task into a marketing strategy that increases customer retention, decreases abandoned carts, and provides insightful customer data for future growth. How will you turn your current shipping strategy into a marketing opportunity?


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